Dowse This… Pendulum Chart Dowsing Books

We are pleased to introduce to you a series of dowsing chart books entitled “Dowse This…”

We at ‘Dowse This…’ have specialized in creating quality Pendulum Dowsing Charts for many years. Much thought, research and preparation go into the making of each and every chart. Each book generally takes years to complete as research resources are compiled and knowledge on the subject is gathered. Research generally consists of reading many books on the proposed subject prior to even starting to create the lists for the charts. Also when available we take courses on the subject so we can obtain many different views on the subject at hand. Only then will the preparation begin to create the lists to transform into Dowsing Charts. Only after these lists have been created and subjected to further research and review are the Dowsing Charts eventually created. Even after all this, mistakes do happen so if you find an error please let us know so it can be corrected in future releases.

The ‘Dowse This…’ series will provide you with an exceptional range of dowsing charts with topics ranging from allergies, chakras, acupuncture meridians, homeopathy, to past lives and more! We are pleased you have chosen to begin or further your path to enlightenment with this new series of books. Happy dowsing!


Books are available for purchase at the Lulu store DowseThis.