Pendulum Chart Dowsing

Dowsing the Charts

When chart dowsing it is recommended to use a pendulum but it is not required. I have seen many dowsers use bobbers and L-Rods to dowse charts successfully. I am sure that you already have a favorite method. If you are unsure of how to chart dowse see the basic instructions below.

Step 1: Begin by formulating a well thought out question. This is always the most important step in all dowsing work. Write the question down.

Step 2: Reread your question, be sure that when you formulate the question that it is in a form in which you will receive the answer to the question you want to ask and not an answer to a question that you think you asked.


Step 3: Center yourself, connect with your guides, your high self your angels or whomever you generally consult when dowsing. I often have my high self contact the high self of a professional in area I am about to dowse. So you might ask if you could connect with the essence of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Please follow your own protocols here.

Step 4: Ask if you are ready, willing, and able to dowse for the information. Many dowsers use the form May I, Can I, Should I. If you do not get confirmation that you are ready to dowse check out the Blocks dowsing chart for common problems such as dehydration etc. If you are dowsing for someone else it is possible they are not in a receptive state at the current time, you might ask when a better time might be to dowse for that individual.

Step 5: Ask the question that you have written down from step 1: Relax and allow the pendulum to swing to the place on the chart that indicates the best answer to your question.


Note: If dowsing a full circle chart and you are not sure how to read your leading edge. Ask first if the answer to the question you are seeking is on the Right of Left side of the chart. If on the Left side your pendulum should swing pointing upper left to lower right. Or if your answer is to be found on the Right then the pendulum should swing diagonally pointing to the right or upper swing right to lower left. Once you have determined which side of the chart to read your answer on you can go ahead and dowse your question. Alternatively you can dowse the question, get your 2 possible answers and then dowse asking for a Yes or No for each possible answer.

Note: This Blocks chart that accompanies this article is just a small sample of possible blocks to dowsing, as well it is a small sample of a Dowisng Chart.

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