Dowse This... Your Journey to Emotional Balance: Tips & Tricks

This is the spot to offer your ideas on using the Journey Book to its full advantage. As usual we welcome input from others who have used this book to change their lives.
  1. There have been times when I have needed to work on a specific Issue, indicated by being sent to the "Issue's With Chart". Once on that chart I was told that I should use something "Other" than what was on the "Issue's With" charts. So I began asking questions regarding the specific issue to be addressed. Such as... Q: "Do I need to know what specific issue I am working on before I can clear the issue?" If the pendulum indicates "No" then I can proceed without further research; however, if the pendulum indicates "Yes" then I need to indulge in further investigation. So at that point you can either just ask questions, or ask to be shown another chart in the book that might point you in the proper direction to finding the issue that is to be addressed. Such as the Destructive Behaviours Chart.

  3. Last night, my husband received info from the colour chart. He was told he needed some Infra-Red colour, and was further instructed to use a crystal. He asked me how he might do that. I suggested that he program a clear quartz crystal with the "frequency of the Infra-red colour". He dowsed to see if this would work for him, found that it would and proceeded to do so. He set his quartz at his bedside and felt his sleep was improved. Today he has it in is pocket at work. I thought I would share this so that other people might also use this technique if required.