Happy New Year 2011

I have big plans for The Dowse This Book Series this year.

I will be adding two new books the first book is one of the most requested set of charts I have ever had, everyone wants to dowse about their relationships. And of course it is the Romantic Relationships that concern folks the most. The new book which I hope to have available in the first part of 2011 is entitled “Dowse This… Your Relationships; Personal & Professional” this book will be primarily about your Romantic, Friendships, and Work Relationships but some the charts will translate well for dowsing other information you might like to dowse in regards to your relationships. I have upgraded my Character Traits Chart from 4 charts to 8 charts, to include many many more Character Trait Options which can be used to dowse any relationship.

The Second Book is also an often requested book it is entitled “Dowse This… The Paranormal Investigators Companion”. This book will include a large selection of charts for dowsing Paranormal Activity. Including Reasons for Remaining Earthbound which will assist in understanding why Earthbound spirits have remained behind.

And last but not least, a project that is near and dear to my heart. I have been working hard to put out a second edition of everyone’s favourite book (well my favourite in any case) “Dowse This… Your Journey to Emotional Balance” The book used by many to Find and Release Hidden or Buried Emotions to have a positive effect better emotional and physical health. The new book will have lots of new charts to assist. The Negative Emotions and the Issue’s With Charts have been extensively reworked. I am very excited about the newest edition. Unfortunately, I do not yet have a planned release date for this book.

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Welcome to Dowse This Blog

I will use this blog to update what is happening here at Dowse This.

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What Dowsing Chart Book I may be planning.

Release Dates for New Books.


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