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The Dowse This series is a great resource. The books are quite simply packed with exhaustive charts on key subjects. Lists are the pendulum inquirer's tool in trade, and Juanita Ott is a master list and chart maker.


Morgan Smith



I am glad your book is now available. I have waited for it and just ordered 4 of them. I am a spiritual counselor and dowse with all of my clients. I have also taught many of them how to dowse. Your books are the best out there. I started making my own charts, but gave up most of them when I found yours. I could not do better than what you have created. My clients also buy your books. The one we use the most is the emotional book. I use it daily. Sometimes, you just need the right word to open everything up. I also like your web site and the monthly charts. It's a nice little bonus. It is obvious you are a good dowser and very professional about your processes and charts. Thank you so much for creating wonderful dowsing tools and being a bright light on the planet.


Nancy Gheen





I just bought one of your books on Lulu, Explore your Past Lives. I really like it and it has helped me work out where certain feelings come from... thanks for publishing this book.


Thank you
Flavia The British College of Dowsing.



I recently took delivery of two of your books of charts 'Your Journey to Emotional Balance' & 'Explore Past Lives'. Both are much more than I expected,'Past Lives' in particular is awesome and I hesitate to even think about the amount of work that went into it. I agree with the sentiments expressed by the editor Susan Verrecchia, it makes my chicken scrawl hand drawn charts look very 2nd rate. My sincere congratulations, I won't be satisfied now until I have the rest of the series


Bryan McAlister, Sydney Australia.




Also wanted to let you know how quickly my order on LuLu came.


Ordered in the afternoon of 20th June. Arrived here in Australia last Thursday 25th June!


The Journey Book already has helped track down and clear some major emotional blockages.


Really powerful, life changing stuff. Thank you again for producing your books


"Bruce, Sydney, Australia"



I use Juanita's "Dowse This... Holistically Healthy" and "Dowse This... Your Journey to Emotional Balance" on a daily basis for me, my family and clients and find them both to be exceptional books. I have helped many people in their quest to become healthier and happier and am extremely grateful for the time and effort Juanita has taken to develop such wonderful tools. Thank you Juanita from the bottom of my heart!


"Susan Verrecchia, Canada"



My husband and I each have one of your "Dowse This... Your Journey to Emotional Balance" books, each night before bed we sit with our books and dowse. We didn't start out with a book each, but after a few weeks we purchased a second one so we can both dowse our journey at the same time. It is together time and we enjoy this practice immensely. Often sharing what we are currently working on. Thank You for These Books, and assisting us in our "Journey to Emotional Balance."


"The Taylors, Toronto, Ontario"



I recently purchased your books Emotional Balance and Holistically Healthy and they are fantastic!! Since working on my family their mood has improved and my 4 year old son has grown more in confidence - I could say it could be a coincidence but I don't think so, I think they have really helped me to find issues that needed working on to bring balance and harmony, they have improved my families mood and health. All the charts are so well thought out, it must have taken you a long time. I know your other books will be worth waiting for! Thank you for making these extremely useful, easy to use, lovely books.





I used "Dowse This... Your Journey to Emotional Balance" when I learned my grandson was having some emotional difficulties. I spent some time dowsing the charts, until I was instructed that the work was complete. I checked with my daughter a couple days later and she told me his mood had improved greatly; he was playing and in a much better mood than he had been the previous week. Thank you so much for this book! I don't know what I'd do without it!


"from, Grandmother, Baumholder, Germany"


I have been using the book "Dowse This... Your Journey to Emotional Balance" to rid my life of clutter. It is amazingly simple. I dowse an item that I want to release from my life. I dowse the emotions that the item elicits in me, I release the emotions and thereby my attachment. My friends are beginning to notice the change in me and ask questions.

Thank You
D.J. Oklahoma



I began using "Dowse This... Your Journey to Emotional Balance" recently. One way that I have used it is to release the emotions I have regarding past events. In the past my ex-husband was verbally abusive. I take the statements that he used to say to me and dowse what Emotions I have regarding those statements. I have been able to let go of an enourmous amount of baggage and feel good about myself for the first time in 20 years. Whenever a statement surfaces I deal with it immediatly. I carry this book with me everywhere.

No Name; Nebraskra