Dowse This... Take Back Your Power; Clear Your Negative Imprints

This is a very powerful set of 48 charts and I’m excited that I have finally finished this booklet. I have been working on these charts and the concept of Negative Imprints for years, and I have personally been dowsing and clearing Negative Imprints for many years. When I first started dowsing years ago, I would dowse every night before bed to clear all Negative Imprints/Thoughtforms that I would accumulate throughout the day, long before I ever created my first chart. Naturally, Negative Imprints was a chart I created for my first book, and since that book was published I have worked on collecting more items for the Negative Imprints Chart. None of my charts are ever really finished, but are rather in a state of growth and change, just like we all are. The link on this page is to purchase the Hard Copy of this book, if you prefer to purchase a PDF version please visit

Table of Charts

Alphabet Chart


Steps to Clearing 1 & 2

Effect on Body

Levels of Self

Negative Imprints 1 - 29

Statement Prefixes 1 - 2

Dowse for Page Number

Power Charts 1 - 5

Relationships 1 - 2


Dowse This… Book Series

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I have recently had the pleasure of participating in several one on one dowsing sessions with Juanita Ott. During these sessions she searched for thoughts, feeling and emotions that were or have been, un-resourceful to me in some way. She dowsed for Negative Imprints using the Booklet "Dowse This... Take Back Your Power; Clear Your Negative Imprints". Her findings were accurate and relevant to the point of evoking emotional responses with associated awarenesses, with subsequent release and an unusual but welcomed sense of relief.

Especially helpful was Juanita's intuitive insights in facilitating these discoveries that, I now know were submerged and hidden in my subconscious. This exploration was intriguing, when approached with courage and honesty, since I believe that such awareness was a catalyst for clearing deep rooted wounds. The process was somewhat exhausting in a satisfying way, like some heaviness being lifted. We continued from imprint to imprint until the system indicated that we were finished, for now. Much appreciated and thank you Juanita and I am looking forward to another session where I can let go of another burden.

Brian; Alberta, Canada