Dowse This... Your Relationships; Personal & Professional - Bonus Charts

Thank your for purchasing my book. The Worksheet password can be found in your book it is the last word in the 'Preface' section. Please use exact CASE and Punctuation. It has been brought to my attention that sometimes there are issues when entering the Password. I am using a free addition to the website to enable password protected pages. Since it is free I imagine it is not without its glitches. However, I have not come across an alternative solution. Software has glitches, even on the large professional websites I've encountered various issues. Keep in mind that I am a small business without the time or resources available for an expensive professional solution.

NOTE: Sometimes if you try a different browser to access any site you are having issues with can solve the problem. Try that first, this is what I always do when I encounter a problem elsewhere.

If you continue to have issue's please feel free to contact me. Include the password you are using in your email. I am happy to work with you to get you access to the bonus charts. Access the Relationship Bonus Charts