If you have never before used a chart to dowse, you have no idea what an amazing tool this is. There are some interesting articles on Chart Dowsing on our Dowsing Information Website Mirrorwaters There is a Lesson on how to actually use the dowsing charts to dowse in Mirrorwaters Dowsing 101 section.

On Mirrorwaters we write many articles on dowsing and other spiritually related topics in our Reflections section. There you will find an article entitled Why Use Charts" this is an excellent article giving some examples of actual chart dowsing.

Not to mention there is a large selection of free dowsing charts. You will find them all over the Mirrorwaters site. There are some with individual pages, there are some linked inside various lessons and articles. We offer a Chart of the Month where each month we offer a different free chart for download.

We could offer all of these items here on Dowse This as well but see little need to duplicate the work since we own both sites. Our vision for the Dowse This site is to be another tool for those people who have purchased our books. A place where people who actively use these books are able to share techniques, healthy life choices etc. Please be an active participant here you have no idea how many lives you might change with one simple technique. Thanks The Dowse This Team